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Fighting through pain to allow healing to begin

Racism is a problem still. Racism comes from a place of ignorance and fear. People fear that which they cannot understand. No race should be blamed for things beyond their control. For example, no Japanese should be blamed for pearl harbor when it was their government who gave the order; just as no Muslim should be blamed for 9/11 when it was only the actions of a few radicals. Some ways that I think to heal it are as follows: multicultural centers, multicultural events, working with different races to address and fix things that need to change. I came up with these ideas was because while living overseas as I child one of the assignments I was given in the 3rd-6th grades was to participate in a UN Day. Each child taking part in the UN Day was told to pick a country to research, write a report on, and give an oral presentation on. The report was to be 15-20 pages long. For the oral presentation which was to be given to ambassadors and others as they approached your booth you not only had to dress in that country's costume you also had to prepare a dish from that country for people to eat. I credit not only this experience ,but also being able to make friends from all over the world which giving me the strength to navigate my own struggle and not use my race as a reason things happen to me as well as giving me empathy towards other races when they are attacked for things beyond their control. I still want to visit the Japanese internment camps as well as the German concentration camps ,because I believe history can be a great teacher. No country should do to its citizens what happened to those sent to the camps.

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